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If you are Polish or consider yourself a friend of Poland, you really should support this site, in any way you can.

By contributing to the polishwashington.com project, you will assist in publicizing events organized by Polish volunteers in the Washington metropolitan area.  You will help attract more members to local and national Polish organizations.  You will contribute to the promotion of Polish art and culture.  You will advance the Polish cause in America in general.  On a more down-to-earth level, you will help provide useful contact and reference information about Poland-related events, groups and issues to individuals like yourself.  You will help our community grow.  This site and its accompanying Polish Global Village newsletter have been doing all that with great success for years.

Polishwashington.com is often the first point of contact for anyone who wishes to become involved in the local Polish community.  This site refers both new arrivals and long-time residents of the Washington metropolitan area to local Polish groups and institutions.  Many people who first have gone through this site later have signed up as members of at least one local Polish organization.  Moreover, by including current event announcements on the home page and encouraging site visitors to subscribe to the Polish Global Village email announcement list, polishwashington.com has been instrumental in increasing attendance at local Polish events, which take so much volunteer effort to organize.  In fact, polishwashington.com has helped develop the largest Polish email announcement list that is focused almost exclusively on local Poland-related events.  Through this site and its announcement list, people who had not been involved in any local Polish organization, but have become curious about Poland-related events, get linked to the community which matches their interests.  Many polishwashington.com visitors and Polish Global Village subscribers remain unaffiliated with any local Polish group, but through this site and its companion email list, they stay in touch with the community and come to the events held by local groups and institutions.  By becoming a supporter of polishwashington.com, you can become a part of this constructive and very effective community-building activity.

In short, you should support this page if you find it helpful to you personally or valuable for our community.

Thank you!

Marcin Zmudzki

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