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Translator Jacek Maksymiuk and his translation agency -- clubtranslation -- offer translations of the highest quality. We offer precise and accurate translation from any language into English and from English into any language, but we specialize in Eastern European languages. After translation execution, each document is subjected to rigorous verification. We offer ordinary, legal, medical, computer science, technical and engineering translations, as well as various official sworn translations (agreements, notary public deeds, birth, marriage and death certificates, schools certificates, statements, court decision and sentences, last wills, vehicle export documents etc.)

We offer competitive prices.

Clubtranslation receives and delivers translations via fax, email or mail (there is no need of traveling with documents).

For more information, please visit our website at clubtranslation.com.

For free quotes or questions regarding our office, please contact us at (240) 997-7284 or info@clubtranslation.com.

We are located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.